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Our offer is always in line with current market price

Our offer is always in line with current market price

We will purchase your excess, overstocked, scrap steel, wire cables and nickel alloys. Our expertise covers a wide range of metals, including industrial, high-temperature alloys, duplex scrap, ferrous and non-ferrous surplus metals.

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As a global corporation we are committed to offering the best prices for your surplus or obsolete metal stock

High Temperature Alloys

We process all grades of stainless steel and high temperature alloy metals. We buy scrap high temperature alloys such as Hasteloy, Inconel, Monel, Nitronic, Molybdemum, Titanium, Tantalum. Contact us today!

Steel, Copper, Aluminium & Others…

We buy surplus/excess or obsolete stocks of aluminum, cobalt, copper, beryllium, brass, bronze. carbon steel, mild steel and stainless steel products. If you have surplus plates, rods, solids or pipe materials, fee free to contact us.

At Shrinox, we pay best prices for all types of scrap wire and cables. Cable wires are made up of many materials but we buy/purchase only those cables and wires that contain either aluminium or copper.

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With a global customer base, we can work with you regardless of location.

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Our company regularly buys a wide range of materials in various nickel alloy grades. These materials include excess stock, surplus items, job lots, overproduced goods, obsolete materials, scrap pieces, and plate cuts. We deal with Hastelloy scrap (Alloy C276/C22), Monel scrap (Alloy 400/K500), Inconel scrap (Alloy 600/625/718/800/825), Incoloy scrap (Alloy 800/825), Alloy 20, Titanium scrap, Duplex steel scrap, and more. If you are looking to purchase or sell nickel alloy scrap materials, please feel free to contact us.