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Shrinox is a specialist buyer of all types of surplus or scrap Hastelloy C276/C22 plates, bars and pipes

We are a reliable destination for selling your excess and obsolete Hastelloy scrap metal inventory. Our expertise lies in the purchase of excess, job lots, overproduced, obsolete, off cuts, and plate cuts in nickel alloy grades, particularly Hastelloy (C276/C22). We are a specialized buyer of Hastelloy alloy scrap materials that is deemed obsolete or nonprime by our vendors, who consist of end-users, steel service centers, mills and manufacturers / fabricators across the globe.

ItemHastelloy Scrap Metals
TypeSurplus, Obsolete, Excess, Re-usable, Scrap
FormPlates, Bars, Rods, Pipes
Quantity1-50 Tons
LocationIndia and Worldwide
GradesAlloy C22 Scrap, Alloy C276 Scrap


Average price for Hastelloy Scrap

We specialize in buying surplus and obsolete Hastelloy alloy scrap materials. Our focus is on providing a valuable solution to businesses seeking to manage their slow-moving stock of Hastelloy alloy scrap.

About Hastelloy Grades: Hastelloy alloys are renowned for their superior performance in challenging environments where conventional metals fall short. These alloys are composed of nickel, molybdenum, chromium, and other elements, each contributing to specific attributes that make Hastelloy suitable for diverse applications. From chemical processing to aerospace, Hastelloy grades such as Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C22, and Hastelloy X have carved a niche for themselves.

Hastelloy scrap retains these exceptional properties even after the end of its initial application, making it a valuable resource for sustainable manufacturing and reduced reliance on virgin materials. As advocates of both economic efficiency and environmental consciousness, we strive to bridge the gap between Hastelloy scrap suppliers and those seeking cost-effective, high-performance materials. Hastelloy is a remarkable group of superalloys known for their exceptional corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, and versatility across a wide range of industries.

  • Whether you’re looking to sell excess Hastelloy scrap or source these remarkable alloys for your manufacturing needs, Shrinox is your trusted partner. Our expertise in the field ensures that your Hastelloy scrap is accurately assessed and fairly priced. Explore the world of Hastelloy scrap metal solutions with us and join hands in contributing to a greener, more efficient industrial future.

  • Our company specializes in purchasing surplus Hastelloy alloy scrap materials from fabricators, projects, companies and end users. We understand that cancelled projects or excess orders can result in accumulated stock, and we are here to assist you in clearing out your excess inventories.

  • To explore opportunities to sell scrap, surplus, aged, or obsolete inventory of Hastelloy alloy scrap, plates, bars, and pipes, we encourage you to reach out to us at +91 9833604219 or via email at info@shrinox.com. Our team is ready to assist you and provide further information on how we can facilitate the sale of your nickel alloys inventory.

Hastelloy Scrap and Surplus Metals Buyers

Are you a fabricator or part of an end-user industry with surplus Hastelloy scrap lying around?

At Shrinox, we specialize in the buying and selling of high-quality Hastelloy scrap metals. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and efficient resource utilization, we offer comprehensive solutions for recycling and reusing Hastelloy scrap. Our dedicated team understands the unique properties of various Hastelloy grades and their applications, allowing us to provide tailored services to both suppliers and buyers of Hastelloy scrap.

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