Nickel Scrap and Surplus/Excess Inventory Buyers

We are a leading supplier of high temperature scrap alloys and buyer of obsolete nickel alloys in all forms such as pipes, plates, bars, and tubes. Not only do we purchase nickel alloy surplus metals and scrap, but we provide all the necessary services and technical expertise to help our supplier maximize the value of their materials.

Below is a list of Nickel inventory or scrap that Shrinox handles:

  1. Pure Nickel 200, also known as Alloy 200
  2. Nickel 201 or Alloy 201

Whether you need to buy nickel alloy scrap or sell surplus, aged or obsolete inventory of nickel alloy pipe, plates and bars, please do not hesitate to contact us at +91 9892451458 or [email protected]

  • We pay best prices for materials and surplus stock of nickel alloy pipes, nickel alloy plates and nickel alloy bars.
  • Shrinox will provide you solution for your out of date stock, off specification materials and slow moving stock of pure nickel scrap, pipes, tubes and bars.